Great Chalfield Oak

This is one of my latest drawings of what I can only assume is an oak, in a delightful field in Great Chalfield. It stands as part of an avenue of sturdy mature oaks that punctuate the grass in a strait line from one gate to the next. It’s a 25 minuet walk from my home. I discovered it in high summer when the air was full of insects and the cool shade of the trees made a dappled, fairy tail tunnel into another world. I went back in late Autumn to catch the trees without their clothes on. A Tree Creeper, seemingly oblivious to me was industriously hunting the crevices for a meal. On another walk there, just before the gate to the field, I came face to face with a muntjac deer crossing the road, he and I both pedestrians for a moment, both heading into different fields. Other walks in that direction have resulted in encounters with a young grass snake, a beautiful brown hare and a kingfisher. All practically on my door step and there for all to see if you know how to look.

Graphite on wood £195

Cloth Road Arts Week

Who Me ?

This fellow is on the cover of the brochure for this years Cloth Road Art Trail.  The Corner Gallery where I make and sell my work is participating from the 5th to the 13th of May. We hope to get lots of visitors through the door and it’s a great opportunity to see and purchase fresh work made especially for the event.  There are three artists at two venues down at the Tithe Barn Workshops so it really is worth a visit if you find yourself on the Art Trail.




The corner gallery is where I have my open studio and shop, along with three other artists. I can be found at my drawing board through the door on the left of this photo. We are situated in the beautiful Barton Farm Country Park just across the way from the Tithe Barn. The gallery is just one of the seven outlets comprising the Tithe Barn Workshops, where you can relax in the peaceful garden, enjoy a cream tea and shop for original art, crafts, antiques and all manner of unusual lovelies. A visit to us helps to support local  independent traders and artists. So, bring your dog and your family!