The corner gallery is where I have my open studio and shop, along with three other artists. I can be found at my drawing board through the door on the left of this photo. We are situated in the beautiful Barton Farm Country Park just across the way from the Tithe Barn. The gallery is just one of the seven outlets comprising the Tithe Barn Workshops, where you can relax in the peaceful garden, enjoy a cream tea and shop for original art, crafts, antiques and all manner of unusual lovelies. A visit to us helps to support local  independent traders and artists. So, bring your dog and your family!

My new workspace and shop

Well, it’s been a long time coming, over seven years in fact since I started working in my shared space at the Tithebarn Workshops.

Now there’s a new chapter, a bright , spacious, all mine workshop and gallery. Although I haven’t had to move far, just next door!

If you’re familiar with the Tithebarn Workshops, you are part of a select group of intrepid people. I meet people who live in Bradford on Avon who have never been to our secret garden and ventured into the old cow sheds that are our shops and workspaces.

I’ve settled into my new space and I love it. here are some pics!

Avebury Beech


There are a number of beech trees around the astonishing stone circle and henge at Avebury. Some are used by people to leave offerings or prayers, sometimes in the form of pieces of cloth that cary their messages on the wind.  Somehow the trees at Avebury take on character and gravitas, maybe as a result of the impact of the surroundings on us and our change in perception. I’m sure there will be more tree portraits to come from my trips to Avebury.

Original drawing available at time of writing.