About Me

I live in Wiltshire, England and after some previous lives, I got my Creative Arts degree in 2013 as a mature student at Bath Spa University. I make work that reflects our native wildlife and landscape. I never intended to, it just happened. My connection with the natural world has been central to my well-being all my life and in retrospect I realise that this connection was bound to surface in my work. It was in my dissertation if not in my painting at Uni. Now though, I am conscious of it and drawing animals and landscapes has become a way of honouring our Earth and celebrating the interconnectivity of all life. I draw on wood using graphite and coloured pencils. I use the negative space as part of drawing and I’m conscious of the quietness and sense of space this can give. I like the idea of leaving out everything that is unnecessary. Using wood provides a warmth and texture and works to complement the natural subject matter. There are observational drawings of animals and there are drawings that are more from memory and imagination. Sometimes these merge and I begin to follow my own weirdness, as in the series of Tree Stags. My plan is to go where the weirdness takes me.