Welcome Jerry, Sterlingwood Designs

I made a decision to share my shop at the Tithe Barn Workshops. I put the word out locally and Jerry of Sterling wood Designs responded by popping in to the shop and now he’s here, making jewellery using recycled silver, freshwater pearls and sustainable wood. He also turns wood , producing amazing pens, vessels, and many other beautiful items.

His work sits very comfortably alongside mine as well as the other natural products I stock.

Sharing my space has many benefits; a better work life balance for me (Felix and I have just converted a 10 year old van into a camper. A long held dream for me. ) and of course lowering my outgoings, but also it makes the shop/gallery a more interesting and rich experience for you. Plus’s the ultimate bonus, Freddy the Welsh terrier! I love dogs, and so do you apparently judging by the response to Freddy so far.

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